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Just as Jesus said, “Go now and make disciples.”

He has made Patty into one so that His Word can reach many. 

The character of Patty was created to encourage others as she celebrates the blessings in life and endures the disappointments and challenges of her trials.  Through Patty’s experiences, she reflects on the importance of trusting God and His divine plan for our lives through all things.  Feed My Sheep is a great tool to share with others. 


Addressing a variety of relatable problems and providing applicable, biblically based solutions, Feed My Sheep communicates to the reader the hope of salvation. In an easy to read format, the book uses colorful illustrations to communicate God’s greatness and to encourage readers to embark on a daily walk with the Lord.





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Patty and Me in a Tree


Patty has a way to show her friends

it is important to pray before a meal.   

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Patty and Me and the Bumblebee
Patty shares about God’s Creation
through the ABC's.  


Do You Have Ears to Hear?

Patty talks about being obedient

with expedience.

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Patty Travels To Africa
Patty shares a story about a little girl named Bren who she met while in Africa.
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Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas

Story about baby Jesus being born in a Manger

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